Q. How can I get my children on the daycare registration list?
Please email Oakville Early Learning Centre Inc. directly to express your interest in childcare for your child/children: oelcinc@gmail.com.
Q. Why should the community consider building a new community centre given the high cost of construction?
The existing community hall is nearing the end of it usable lifespan. Recent assessment by a structural engineer has offered the opinion that rafter deterioration has begun and we can expect approximately 5 years before major structural repairs would be required to meet public safety regulations. The cost of these repairs would be significant and would trigger requirements to meet new building codes that we are currently exempt from. The option to replace the building rather than attempt to repair the existing 70 year old building will better serve the community’s needs going forward.
Q. How big will the new building be?
The total building footprint will be approximately 10,500 sq feet. The daycare portion will have approximately 3500 sq feet leaving the remaining 7000 sq feet for the hall, a small meeting room, a certified kitchen, washrooms, and mechanical rooms. The main hall itself will be of similar size as the existing main hall.
Q. What is the total projected cost of the new building?
It is difficult to predict final total cost of construction of a building of this magnitude. Current best estimates place the cost at between 2.0 and 2.4 millions dollars. Inflation and the value of the Canadian dollar play a significant role in the cost variance. Due diligence during the design stage will reduce to the number of changes during construction and thereby minimize cost over runs.
Q. How will the community raise the money to fund this project?
Donations from private individuals and corporations will be the main source. Government grants (provincial and federal) will be applied for but are not guaranteed. Support from various foundations will be sought. Fundraising events will also factor into the total. It will not be easy but with solid community support it will be done over a several years time period.
Q. Can donors receive a tax receipt to apply against their income tax?
Yes, the Oakville Community Club Inc. is a registered non profit charity and can issue tax receipts for all donations. These receipts can be used as tax credits against federal and provincial income tax.
Q. Where will the new building be built?
The community club has acquired 5 acres adjacent to the existing arena and curling rink. The total site and positioning of the new building will provide ample space for future community development if and when additional community infrastructure is identified.
Q. When will the new building be ready for use?
Completed architecture and engineering work will take most of a year to complete. Fundraising will take two to three years. Actual construction will take most of a year. Therefore total time to complete the building will be 3 to 5 years placing an “in service” somewhere between 2020 and 2022.
Q. Who will operate the Daycare?
Several options are available for structuring a daycare centre. The simplest would be to set up as a satellite site of an existing daycare. This would reduce the need to hire a daycare director, eliminate the need for formal written operating structure, and allow for larger staffing utilization on any given day. Much work needs to be completed in this area before a final decision is made by community stakeholders.
Q. Will the new building be financially self sufficient once operating?
How much the new community centre and meeting room get rented will determine the financial outcome. Budget models suggest that combining the community centre and daycare show a greater likelihood of covering overall building operating costs. Research on this subject has shown that most older halls (like our existing one) operate in a net negative manner. Most newer community centres are operating either with small annual losses or with small profits. Since most rural communities wish to have community infrastructure be non profit small losses or profits are deemed acceptable.
Q. What will become of the old hall when the new community centre is ready to use?
The existing hall will likely be demolished and the site sold off for redevelopment. Profits from selling this site will far exceed decommissioning costs and those profits will be used as part of the fundraising for construction of the new building.